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First Warning Systems uses thermodynamic metabolic data to help combat deadly affliction.

First Warning Systems has created the FWS Circadian Biometric Recorder (CBRTM), a cancer-detecting bra that enables women to identify malignant tumors in their earliest stages. It uses sensors to detect unusual heat patterns in breast tissue in order to identify abnormalities before they become a big problem. The CBRTM is applied via a bra insert … Continue reading

Let the nanosat wars begin

Small satellites: Taking advantage of smartphones and other consumer technologies, tiny satellites are changing the space business ALTHOUGH widely used, satellites are expensive to build and to launch. That began to change last year. On November 19th Orbital Sciences, an American company, launched a rocket from the Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia. It carried 29 … Continue reading

Clever Buoy uses sonar to raise the shark alarm

In many parts of the world, shark attacks are a very real possibility for anyone entering the ocean. While suspended nets do help keep the toothsome fish separated from swimmers, they’re far from from 100 percent reliable, plus sharks (along with other marine animals) regularly get caught in them and perish – as sharks are … Continue reading

Engineered Red Blood Cells Could Carry Precious Therapeutic Cargo

Whitehead Institute scientists have genetically and enzymatically modified red blood cells to carry a range of valuable payloads—from drugs, to vaccines, to imaging agents—for delivery to specific sites throughout the body. “We wanted to create high-value red cells that do more than simply carry oxygen,” says Whitehead Founding Member Harvey Lodish, who collaborated with Whitehead … Continue reading

Woven Domes Create Safe, Modern Shelters For Disaster Zones

The Weaving A Home project incorporates water collection, solar power generation and solar water heating into the design. For the past few years the world has seen its share of devastating events and disasters that have displaced millions of people and in a way this has created a movement to design and develop shelters that … Continue reading

Remote Tower: It’s a New Era in Air Traffic Control

When cost-effectiveness puts high demands on airport operations, Saab’s Remote Tower is exactly what airports need in order to stay competitive and to reduce cost. Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) worldwide are trying to reduce the cost of providing ATS without affecting safety or operational availability. Remote Towers will not only help this happen but … Continue reading

Electronic Surveillance Program Targets Care Gaps in Outpatient Settings

Innovative approach addresses issues such as conflicting medications or the need for follow-up tests and may be adapted by other organizations An innovative framework for identifying and addressing potential gaps in health care in outpatient settings using electronic clinical surveillance tools has been used to target patient safety across a variety of conditions, according to … Continue reading

A breakthrough for organic reactions in water

Green-chemistry researchers at McGill University have discovered a way to use water as a solvent in one of the reactions most widely used to synthesize chemical products and pharmaceuticals. The findings, published June 26 in Nature Communications, mark a potential milestone in efforts to develop organic reactions in water. Chao-Jun Li and Feng Zhou of … Continue reading

Eco-friendly versatile nanocapsules developed

This new technology is able to replace those toxic liquids The Institute for Basic Science (IBS) has announced that the Centre for Self-assembly and Complexity have succeeded in developing a new technology that introduces metal nanoparticles on the surface of polymer nanocapsules made of cucurbit uril. The researchers have found that using polymer nanocapsules made … Continue reading

Cellular signalling for kidney regeneration discovered

The precise cellular signalling responsible for kidney regeneration and exposing the multi-layered nature of kidney growth has been pinpointed in a new study. The research paves the way for novel cellular and molecular therapeutics to achieve human kidney regeneration and alleviate the shortage of kidney organs for transplantation. Doctors and scientists have for years been … Continue reading