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Antibiotic Smart Bomb Can Target Specific Strains of Bacteria

The technique offers a potential approach to treat infections by multi-drug resistant bacteria. Researchers from North Carolina State University have developed a de facto antibiotic “smart bomb” that can identify specific strains of bacteria and sever their DNA, eliminating the infection. The technique offers a potential approach to treat infections by multi-drug resistant bacteria. “Conventional … Continue reading

Edison Electrifies Scientific Computing

NERSC Flips Switch on New Flagship Supercomputer The National Energy Research Scientific Computing (NERSC) Center recently accepted “Edison,” a new flagship supercomputer designed for scientific productivity. Named in honor of American inventor Thomas Alva Edison, the Cray XC30 will be dedicated in a ceremony held at the Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley … Continue reading

The scent of cancer

Researchers of the University of Konstanz the first to detect cancer cells using the olfactory senses of A research unit in an international cooperation project, led by the Konstanz-based neurobiologist and zoologist Professor Dr. Giovanni Galizia, has been the first to demonstrate that fruit flies are able to distinguish cancer cells from healthy cells via … Continue reading

When the internet of things misbehaves

Computer security: Spam in the fridge “THE internet of things” is one of the buzziest bits of jargon around in consumer electronics. The idea is to put computers in all kinds of products—televisions, washing machines, thermostats, refrigerators—that have not, traditionally, been computerised, and then connect those products to the internet. If you are in marketing, … Continue reading

Acid Bath Offers New Way to Make Stem Cells

Just physically squeezing cells or bathing them in acidic conditions can readily reprogram them into an embryonic state In 2006, Japanese researchers reported a technique for creating cells that have the embryonic ability to turn into almost any cell type in the mammalian body — the now-famous induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells. In papers published … Continue reading

Using silver nanoparticles, researchers create cream that avoids the transmition of HIV

Given that the function of this product is the inactivation of the virus, although this is a vaginal cream, will also protect the sexual partner. The product has proven efficiency in lab tests, although clinical trials are yet to be performed. After discovering that silver nanoparticles are capable of blocking the entry of Human Immunodeficiency … Continue reading

New boron nanomaterial may be possible

Researchers from Brown University have shown experimentally that a boron-based competitor to graphene is a very real possibility. Graphene, a sheet of carbon one atom thick, may soon have a new nanomaterial partner. In the lab and on supercomputers, chemical engineers have determined that a unique arrangement of 36 boron atoms in a flat disc … Continue reading

New catalytic converter could cut fuel consumption and car manufacturing costs

A new catalytic converter that could cut fuel consumption and manufacturing costs has been designed by a scientist from Imperial College London. A catalytic converter is the component in a vehicle’s exhaust system that eliminates some harmful emissions. Tests suggest that the new prototype could reduce fuel consumption in a standard vehicle by up to … Continue reading

A sensor detects salt on the road to avoid excess

Engineers at Carlos III University in Madrid, Spain, have designed an optical sensor that detects how much salt is on road surfaces in real time. This avoids the need to spread the substance excessively, because although this prevents ice from forming on roads, it can also harm vehicles, infrastructure and the environment. It is common … Continue reading

World’s First Carbon Fiber 3D Printer Announced, The Mark One

There could be hundreds or thousands of applications for this new technology, especially within the prosthetic industry, as carbon fiber is the perfect material for prosthesis. This is the week of the SolidWorks World 2014 in San Diego, Ca, and so far there have been quite a few pretty groundbreaking announcements from the convention. Last … Continue reading