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Robots able to reach through clutter with whole-arm tactile sensing

<h5><a href=""><img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-80506" alt="hgImage (2)" src="; width="333" height="250" /></a></h5> <h5>Kemp's lab also has promising results that could impact the future of assistive robotics.</h5> Whether Learn more … Advertisements

Skilled Work, Without the Worker

“We’re on the cusp of completely changing manufacturing and distribution,” DRACHTEN, the Netherlands — At the Philips Electronics factory on the coast of China, hundreds of workers use their hands and specialized tools to assemble electric shavers. That is the old way. At a sister factory here in the Dutch countryside, 128 robot arms do … Continue reading

Meet Ubi: An always-on, connected computer that talks back

The ubiquitous computer From HAL 9000 in Arthur C Clarke’s Space Odyssey science fiction saga to Eddie and Deep Thought from the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams, or even Dr. Theopolis from Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, voice interaction with computers was very much the stuff of science fiction when I … Continue reading

VIDEO: A revolutionary shape changing smartphone that curls upon a call

queen’s university’s human media lab to unveil morephone at paris conference researchers at queen’s university’s human media lab have developed a new smartphone – called morephone – which can morph its shape to give users a silent yet visual cue of an incoming phone call, text message or email. “this is another step in the … Continue reading

‘Superlattice’ structure could give a huge boost to oxygen reaction in fuel cells, increasing their power potential

New research at MIT could dramatically improve the efficiency of fuel cells, which are considered a promising alternative to batteries for powering everything from electronic devices to cars and homes. Fuel cells make electricity by combining hydrogen, or hydrocarbon fuels, with oxygen. But the most efficient types, called solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC), have drawbacks … Continue reading

IBM's robot sidekick aims to aid field engineers

A robotic sidekick could soon be helping field engineers fix faulty equipment in remote locations. Developed by IBM, the robotic helper has a projector that can overlay information on equipment to guide remote repair work. Supervisors and experts back at base can also look and talk through the projector to oversee fault fixing. In addition … Continue reading

Patterned Hearts

A team of bioengineers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) is the first to report creating artificial heart tissue that closely mimics the functions of natural heart tissue through the use of human-based materials. Their work will advance how clinicians treat the damaging effects caused by heart disease, the leading cause of death in the … Continue reading

Researchers Find Material for Cleaner-Running Diesel Vehicles Replacing Platinum

Discovery May Yield Cheaper, More Efficient Alternative to Platinum in Automotive Engines Engineers at a company co-founded by a University of Texas at Dallas professor have identified a material that can reduce the pollution produced by vehicles that run on diesel fuel. The material, from a family of minerals called oxides, could replace platinum, a … Continue reading

How Would You Like Your Assistant – Human or Robotic?

“One open question was whether healthcare providers would reject the idea of robotic assistants out of fear that the robots would replace them in the workplace” Roboticists are currently developing machines that have the potential to help patients with caregiving tasks, such as housework, feeding and walking. But before they reach the care recipients, assistive … Continue reading

Additive manufacturing is growing apace in China

<h5><a href=""><img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-80446" alt="220px-ORDbot_quantum" src="; width="220" height="202" /></a></h5> <h5>A new brick in the Great Wall</h5> ALTHOUGH it is the weekend, a small Learn more …