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Luma Labs Discontinues Popular Product Line After Competitor Gets A Patent

Despite Prior Art Going Back Over A Century   Jon Wilson alerts us to yet another unfortunate casualty of our screwed up patent system, led by our clueless US Patent Office. Luma Labs, who made very popular camera straps, has announced that it’s discontinuing the product immediately, because a competitor just got a patent on … Continue reading

MyHeartMap Challenge

The primary goal is to create a complete and up-to-date map of AEDs in Philadelphia   325,000 Americans die each year of sudden cardiac arrest. Some of these deaths could be prevented through the timely use of an automated external defibrillator (AED). The inability to locate AEDs in such emergency situations greatly reduces their intended … Continue reading

John Deere Uses Social Media to Feed the Hungry

“the world’s largest canned food sculpture.”   Here at Marketing Pilgrim we like to give our readers some exposure to unconventional uses of social media. Let’s face it, there are so many things that can be done with social media but we often get caught up in what is considered normal. Here’s a look a … Continue reading

Metaphorical search engine finds creative new meanings

“We don’t want you to know what everyone else knows” YossarianLives, named after the anti-hero of Catch-22, doesn’t tell you what everyone else knows – it seeks to creatively generate new knowledge. TYPING “love” into Google, I find the Wikipedia entry, a “relationship calculator” and Lovefilm, a DVD rental service. Doing the same in YossarianLives, … Continue reading

The Drone Threat to Privacy

Fast evolving concern   In a world in which nearly anyone can purchase a device capable of photographing locations behind walls, gates and fences, will anyone be able to keep a secret? Technology, as Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia wrote in a 2001 Supreme Court opinion, has the power “to shrink the realm of guaranteed … Continue reading

The Social-Pairing Trend

  KLM To Allow Passengers To Pick Plane Neighbors Based On Facebook, LinkedIn Data As we all begin to look forward to the interactive section of South By South West in March, PSFK has identified five key trends that readers should be monitoring during the festival. One of these trends, we have coined ‘Social-Pairing.’ People … Continue reading

Fish-Friendly Hydropower

Converts 94% of the water’s energy into electricity, with 98% survival of fish   Obama administration stimulus funding for renewable energy has resulted in yet another clean energy breakthrough. This time, in hydropower, with the development of a revolutionary new turbine technology that is both fish-friendly and energy efficient. The new turbine has now aced … Continue reading

“Breakthrough” in heart attack treatment

I believe this could be the biggest revolution in cardiovascular medicine in my lifetime   A US study which has treated damage caused by heart attacks using the patient’s own stem cells has achieved “striking” breakthroughs, according to the scientists involved. In the trial, cardiac stem cells were used to repair severe damage to the … Continue reading

Hydrogel could grow new heart tissue, without the need for surgery

It may be that surgery and general anesthesia would not be required   Universities and scientific organizations all over the world are currently looking into ways of growing functioning heart cells on the heart, to replace the tissue that dies when a heart attack occurs. As things currently stand, the body replaces that tissue with … Continue reading

Can Technology Save the Environment?

Conservation is winning battles but losing the war.   Embracing new technologies in energy and agriculture might change that. In the conservation and environmental communities, technologies like nuclear power and GMOs are usually spoken of as threats to the environment and biodiversity, or at best as superficial “techno-fixes” that “fail to address the root cause … Continue reading